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Impotence, better known as erectile dysfunction (ED) has caused millions of men globally to struggle with their sexual abilities in the bedroom. The number of men who struggle with achieving an erection firm enough to engage in sexual activities has grown year by year, with no decline in sight. Many professional businessmen being overworked, and lacking proper rest are prime subjects for this problem due to the amount of stress the body and mind endures each day.



The same can be said for people simply living an unhealthy lifestyle; whether it be inactivity, unhealthy diet, or both. These can be key factors played in the reasons behind impotence. Studies taken with men regarding their abilities to achieve a firm erection has shown that up to 52% of men experience a form of impotence by the time they reach age 50, while roughly 26% of men have had the same experience by the age of 40.

Thanks to recently expired patents for the parent drug of these erectile dysfunction medications, Viagra, the availability has become much larger for these lower cost, and equally as effective medications! With a noticeable increase in online pharmacies selling these medications, it has never been so simple to address that embarrassing problem once and for all. With the efforts made to keep all orders discreet of the contents when shipped, there is no need to feel embarrassed when ordering online!

Those who read through the entirety of this informative write-up will gather the basic needed knowledge to decide whether Eriacta is the right medication for them.

What Is Eriacta
Eriacta is an erectile dysfunction medication, offered in a blue swallowable pill. This medication is a generic form of its world-renowned successor, Viagra, which shares the same active ingredient, sildenafil-citrate. The manufacturers of this medication, Ranbaxy Laboratories, created eriacta tablets as an equal generic, sharing the same level of sildenafil dosage as your standard Viagra pill.

While generally used to treat erectile dysfunction, Eriacta can also take the place of a name brand drug called Revatio. This medication is taken by patients who are dealing with pulmonary hypertension issues. Pulmonary hypertension is a health condition which causes high blood pressure in the blood vessels which supply the lungs. We will direct our main focus of this article strictly to the erectile dysfunction characteristics of Eriacta, however.

These equal-dosed generics of Viagra have become a popular choice for men who have experienced the effects they required when taking their standard 100mg Viagra pill, yet require a cost-effective option. Clinical studies made around sildenafil-citrate have shown exponential improvement in the ability of men to produce firm erections, as well as showing minimal side effects!

How Does Eriacta Work?
When looking at erectile dysfunction drugs, most, if not all medications offer the same characteristics of the way they function. Eriacta 100 mg tablets will work in the same manner, by directing the flow of blood into the more relaxed blood vessels in the penis. Once the user has become sexually stimulated, following the pills onset effects, the user should be able to achieve a much firmer erection than they were able to prior to using Eriacta.

Within the human body are enzymes known as PDE-5; which are known to block out the production of an important chemical which promotes the relaxation of muscles in the body, called cGMP, or cyclic guanosine monophosphate. After consumption of Eriacta, its effects will begin to build a wall against the PDE-5 chemical, which in turn will allow for a much higher level of cGMP (cyclic guanosine monophosphate) to be present; the presence of cGMP will allow for an erection to be achieved.

Patients who choose to take Eriacta for their erectile dysfunction problems should note that this medication is not an aphrodisiac. It will therefore require sexual stimulation in order to show its effects, otherwise no effects will be noticed. Most users report that the medication will show its effects roughly 45-60 minutes after it has been taken, depending on the speed of the users’ metabolism.

Dosage Instructions for Eriacta
When looking into dosages for Eriacta 100 vs Viagra, users will notice that the medications would share the same effects at equal dosages. We recommend that users take one (1) pill, or 100mg be taken once every 24-hours, or when needed. Users should note that it is not required to take this medication daily for it to work when required, but only when sexual intercourse is intended to occur.

Those patients who are looking to begin use of Eriacta who have a creatinine clearance (CrCl) of under 30 mL/min are encourage to begin their dosage much lower than what is recommended for typical users in better health. 100mg of sildenafil-citrate will more than likely prove to be too high of a dosage for their body to begin with, which could lead to potential issues relating to previous conditions. We strongly encourage these patients to seek a medication which is offered in 25mg to begin their usage safely. This same recommendation is made for those with any degree of hepatic impairment.

No matter the dose taken by each user, it is always advised to consume this medication on an empty stomach in order for your body to take on the full effects of Eriacta. Patients who consume any high-fat foods prior to taking Eriacta will notice much weaker effects, along with the endurance of the medications’ effects. This also goes for the consumption of whole-milk, or whole-milk based foods and beverages.

How Long Does Eriacta Last?
A question that many potential users find themselves asking before ordering eriacta 100, how long does it last after being consumed and feeling its initial effects? For the majority of users this answer is simply around 4-6 hours after its first effects are noticed. This medication will, however, come into its most potent effects after the first hour has elapsed after consumption. As stated earlier, those with a fast metabolism will potentially feel the strongest effects for a shorter period of time, whereas people with a slow metabolism may experience the effects for a much longer period of time; this will likely be the outcome for elderly users as well.

If users have sustained an erection for 4+ hours without it subsiding, are no longer under sexual stimulation of any kind, and have reached an orgasm causing ejaculation, it is advised to speak with their nearest medical professional. We recommend this to ensure there are no elongated effects that could lead to anything serious. Patients may be advised to try a lower dosage of sildenafil-based medication at this point, or that the ingredient does not react well with their body. At this point, users may be recommended to try an erectile dysfunction medication which uses a different active ingredient, or told that PDE-5 inhibiting medications are not right for them.

Side Effects of Eriacta
As it goes with essentially every pharmaceutical medication ever manufactured, users will have a slight risk for experiencing minor side effects when taking eriacta 100mg. Though the greater majority of experienced side effects tend to be mild, and this medication is generally well tolerated by its users, we recommend that users who experience ongoing side effects daily after regular use consider speaking with a medical professional. This is simply to ensure that there are no complications and you can safely continue use of this medication. If you do experience any of the listed side effects below, we advise that users remain well hydrated throughout the time the medication is active;

  • Sensitivity to light
  • Flushing of the skin
  • Blurred vision

It is also recommended that those patients who are diagnosed with any previous cardiovascular related health concerns take notice of the risks they face of putting a further strain onto their heart. When taking eriacta 100mg sildenafil citrate tablets, and engaging in sexual activity, these risks may be heightened. This could result in a heart attack if the users’ condition is severe enough, and their cardiovascular system simply cannot accommodate the medication.

Is Eriacta Safe for Everyone?
When it comes to the safety profile of Eriacta tablets, EU customers and other customers alike can take comfort from the fact that this medication has been as rigorously tested as its branded and more famous counterpart, Viagra. The manufacturer of Eriacta, Ranbaxy Laboratories, is held to the exact same health and safety standards as manufacturers such as Pfizer.

With reaching the conclusion that erectile dysfunction medications have been tolerated well by the large percentage of people using them, the industry has broken into a more mainstream level. By companies being able to sell these medications without the need for written prescription, it shows that these medications are just as safe for those who need them as taking a Tylenol.

Reviews of Eriacta
Due to a massive increase in erectile dysfunction medications becoming available for purchase online, the requirement for eriacta 100mg reviews, and other ED medication reviews has never been greater. It is very important to help out those looking to make their first purchase of medication for dealing with ED by sharing your experiences and findings with both the medications, and with the resellers the purchase was made from.

Customers sharing their eriacta 100 reviews will potentially save patients considering use of this medication from some unwanted side effects that could be related to the users health conditions. New users should check the copious amounts of reviews online for sildenafil-based medications such as Eriacta before purchasing to be sure it is suitable for them.

Before You Buy Eriacta in the EU
With the simplicity of ordering eriacta online in the EU, it is no longer required for customers to endure time consuming and embarrassing doctors, and pharmacist visits. With online pharmacies offering such a wide availability of these medications, and removing all of the annoyances of purchasing medications such as Eriacta, EU, and international customers can be sure that they will always have access to quickly ordering their medication when it comes time to stock up. The number one benefit is that there is no need for a prescription, consultation, or appointment when choosing ones required medication.

Patients’ seeking eriacta 100 for sale will find that their orders can take just minutes to complete when buying online. All orders are packed and delivered discreetly to the address entered at checkout.

Buy Eriacta Online in the EU
When customers choose to buy eriacta 100mg from, they will be welcomed by a straight-forward and time efficient experience. When buying eriacta tablets online through our website, we offer customers an easy to maneuver client interface, and a simplistic checkout process. Those who purchase from us will be offered payment options in the form of debit, Visa, Mastercard, and even Bitcoin for those looking to pay with their Crypto wallets, and keep more anonymous.

When choosing to purchase Eriacta 100, EU customers, as well as those from other countries, will take advantage of a large financial saving when comparing to purchasing from their local pharmacy. We can offer these savings due to being an online shop, and not having the financial overhead that comes with operating a traditional pharmacy, as well as having a larger market targeted online. This all leaving us with the ability to purchase large bulk orders of each medication at a lower cost, allows us the ability to pass these savings onto the customers!

Buy Eriacta tablets from our EU-based online pharmacy and experience the benefits of fast EU ? EU delivery, great prices and total anonymity for yourself.

To learn more about our online sexual health clinic and how customer privacy is priority, you can read more about us, read our FAQ page, or contact our friendly customer service team with any questions you may have about payment or delivery.

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Eriacta 100mg

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